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Hello Zoey fans! We want to start off this post by apologizing for being down for so long. Our site went through a nasty cyber attack and it took us longer than we expected to have it all okay and running once more. I want to thank our host, Fan Village, for helping us with this issue. Now, onto site updates! This week was a very special week for Zoey, who was honored with a Face of the Future Award! As a fan of Zoey’s no words can describe how happy and proud i am of Zoey for winning this award. A very deserved one.

On June 12, Zoey attended a Max Mara and Vanity Fair celebration of the Face of the Future Award before attending the Crystal + Lucy Awards the following day, where she received the award. Photos from the events have been added to our gallery, and you will also find an interview bellow! Thank you to my friend Gabby, from dan-stevens.net, for helping us with some photos!

009.jpg 021.jpg 008.jpg 014.jpg
009.jpg 022.jpg 005.jpg 016.jpg

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