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Zoey Deutch is one of Marie Claire’s Fresh Faces May 2017



On her life mantra: “I was raised to do what you love and work your f—cking ass off. Be humble. Be nice to people. And you might be ready to be lucky.”

On whether actors should stay quiet about politics or not: “That will be a debate forever. Before I was an actor, I was a human and a citizen. As an actor, your job is to inhabit different people’s lives and honor their feelings and be empathetic to other people’s struggles. Just because you are an actor, you are not immediately an activist. But if you do have the platform and the opportunity to speak out, then I think it is your civic duty—especially right now—to be on the right side of history. We only have so long on this planet.”

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Zoey Deutch on Valley diners, growing up in Hollywood and why “ambition” is a dirty word

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C MAGAZINE — At a diner on Ventura Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley, the kind with vinyl banquettes and a case near the entrance stocked with slightly stale pastries and mayo-rich “salads,” actor Zoey Deutch is a regular. The recent star of Before I Fall—the indie screen adaptation of the dark young-adult novel of the same name—orders matzo ball soup and compliments our elderly waitress, with whom she is on a first-name basis, on the eccentric purple streaks in her close-cropped hair. Then the woman touches Deutch’s shoulder in a way that feels so friendly and familiar that you know, you just know, that the 22-year-old actress is the kind of person that you are going to like.

“Everything in my life happens in this place,” says Deutch, using her hands when she speaks, almost leaping out of her seat with energy as she gestures around the room at the gray linoleum and bad lighting. “I’ve been coming since I was a little kid. I have all of my family dinners here. I bring first dates here! I sit here and read. I have all of my meetings here, if I can.” Next to her on the table is a bookmarked copy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

The whole setup would make a great scene for a teen movie, if the writer wanted to introduce a sympathetic female lead who is grounded despite her obvious beauty, a small-but-spunky girl who doesn’t forget where she came from. Maybe it’s no coincidence then that teen movies are in Deutch’s DNA. Her parents, actor Lea Thompson and director Howard Deutch, met in 1987 on the set of Some Kind of Wonderful, one of two movies her father directed that was written by the late prolific ’80s screenwriter John Hughes (the first was Pretty in Pink). “It’s hard to grasp when someone says my parents touched them in some way—that their voices were in their heads,” she says.

They married in 1989 and had two girls, Zoey and her older sister, Madelyn, also an actor, who were raised nearby and attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA). From the sound of it, the youngest Deutch always had an outsized personality.

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Zoey Deutch covers C April

Zoey announced on her twitter yesterday that she’s on the cover of the April issue of C magazine. Looking absolutely beautiful, we’ve added to our gallery the cover of the issue and one outtake!


Sundance Film Festival – Day 1

Sundance kicked off yesterday and Zoey made her first appearance at the film festival with the Before I Fall cast! We’ve added photos from the first day of the festival to our gallery. The movie is set to have its premiere at the festival tonight, but it’s not the only project of Zoey’s to hit Sundance. Rebel in the Rey will have its turn on January 24! Make sure to also follow us on Twitter @zdeutchcom which we’re updating with Sundance news!

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Warner Bros. & InStyle Post-Golden Globes Party

Last night were the big Golden Globes Awards and while Zoey didn’t attend the award ceremony, she did attend the Warner Bros. & InStyle Post-Golden Globes Party! We’ve added to the gallery photos from the event and a small photo session Zoey did for Coveteur while getting ready for the party. You can also watch a funny video posted by InStyle on their instagram page featuring Zoey and Glen Powell.

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