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‘Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters’ Portraits #2

Another beautiful portrait of Zoey for ‘Vampire Academy’ has been added to the gallery.

11 Things We Learned From The Cast Of ‘Vampire Academy’

Zoey and Lucy Fry stopped by BuzzFeed to talk about ‘Vampire Academy’. They also played the Friendlywed game, you can read their answers here.

BUZZFEED1. For those who haven’t read the book, could you tell us what Vampire Academy is about?
Lucy Fry: Vampire Academy is about an academy with vampires! There’s three races of vampires; the Moroi, the Strigoi, and the dhampir. The Moroi are living vampires and Lissa, my character, is a Moroi who has powers as all Moroi do. The dhampir are the half-human/half-vampires who protect the Moroi from the Strigoi, the evil undead vampires, who want to kill the Moroi and suck their blood.
Zoey Deutch: So basically auditioning for this you can imagine I’m sitting in my room being like, “Moroi, Strigoi, dhampir, what?!” It’s very difficult, but not complicated; the words are just funny.
LF: It’s just the context. Once you understand that [the structure of the vampire world], the premise of the film is that Rose and Lissa are best friends, and Lissa’s parents die in a car accident and she’s really scarred and feels all of these dark shadows, and scary things happening at the school. So Rose protects her and takes her away from the academy, and the film starts with them being captured and taken back to the academy, and they have to face of all these things they’ve been running away from, including the bullying at the school.
ZD: Whilst also discovering what even happened in the first place because their memories were warped.
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‘Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters’ Portraits

I’ve added HQ/MQ ‘Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters’ portraits featuring Zoey and her co-stars.

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