Here at MTV News, we like to celebrate Halloween with tricks and treats, hence our latest episode of After Hours with Josh Horowitz. The host’s featured guests were “Vampire Academy” co-stars Lucy Fry and Zoey Deutch, so it seemed only fitting to play a couple rounds of “F—, Marry, Kill: Vampire Edition.” (Or, as Fry preferred, “Snuggle, Marry, Kill.) First up, the handsomest of the handsome bloodsuckers: Edward Cullen from

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Pack your Trapper Keeper and silver stake — we’re enrolling at St. Vladimir’s Academy! MTV News nabbed a special sneak peek at the London set of the upcoming “Vampire Academy” movie, and we’re sharing all of our dishy secrets with you! For the uninitiated, “Vampire Academy” — based on the best-selling book series by Richelle Mead — centers around 17-year-old heroine Rose Hathaway (Zoey Deutch), a dhampir (i.e. human-vampire hybrid),