Zoey and ‘Vampire Academy’ co-star Sarah Hyland talk about why they like the MTV VMAs and mention their upcoming film.

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Thanks to Dhampir Life, you can watch the full interview of Zoey with Josh Horowitz for MTV All Access.

For all of the “Vampire Academy” fans who have watched and rewatched the trailer for the YA adaptation, you know there’s lots of fighting, lots of partying and a sultry bit of sex. With all the lust and the charm going on in our first glimpse of the movie, MTV News thought we’d ask star Zoey Deutch herself about what it was like to film the sexy scenes. “Mom, they’re

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Zoey features in the July/August issue of V Magazine. She looks gorgeous! ZOEY DEUTCH With her long limbs and dark, striking features, it’s no wonder young actress Zoey Deutch has already landed a starring role, opposite Olga Kurylenko, as the wild and reckless Rose Hathaway, in 2014 fantasy film Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters, directed by Mark Waters of Mean Girls. “Rose is a half human, half vampire…a dhampir,” the 19-year-old

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