Sundance kicked off yesterday and Zoey made her first appearance at the film festival with the Before I Fall cast! We’ve added photos from the first day of the festival to our gallery. The movie is set to have its premiere at the festival tonight, but it’s not the only project of Zoey’s to hit Sundance. Rebel in the Rey will have its turn on January 24! Make sure to also follow us on Twitter @zdeutchcom which we’re updating with Sundance news!

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18 January 2017 / Before I Fall / No Comments

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY — As seen in an new exclusive trailer for Before I Fall — the film adaptation of the Lauren Oliver’s best-selling novel — the popular teen is literally having the worst day of her life, as she’s forced to relive the day of her death (Feb. 12) over and over again. However, if she’s going to break the cycle, she’s going to have to decide what she values (her friends, her boyfriend, or popularity), while also solving the mystery of her death.

Zoey Deutch (Vampire Academy) stars as Samantha, while Halston Sage (Neighbors), Cynthy Wu (Kong: Skull Island), and Medalion Rahimi (The Catch) star as her close (and Regina George-channeling) friends Lindsay, Ally, and Elody. Jennifer Beals (The Night Shift) and Diego Boneta (Scream Queens) plays Samantha’s mother and Mr. Daimler, while Logan Miller (The Walking Dead) plays Kent McFuller, and YouTuber Kian Lawley plays Rob Cokran.

Before I Fall will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 21 before hitting theaters March 3. Watch the new trailer above and see the film’s poster below.

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Last night were the big Golden Globes Awards and while Zoey didn’t attend the award ceremony, she did attend the Warner Bros. & InStyle Post-Golden Globes Party! We’ve added to the gallery photos from the event and a small photo session Zoey did for Coveteur while getting ready for the party. You can also watch a funny video posted by InStyle on their instagram page featuring Zoey and Glen Powell.

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Zoey attended this Sunday (January 7) Lynn Hirschberg W Magazine’s It Girls Celebration, where she hung out with a lot of familiar faces. We’ve added photos of Zoey arriving and inside the event!

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Zoey was earlier today on People Now, to promote the movie Why Him? You can find the video of today’s episode bellow, Zoey’s interview starts at around 33:24!

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20 December 2016 / Appearances / No Comments

The world premiere of Why Him? happened this Sunday (December 17) and we bring you photos of Zoey, who looked gorgeous in gold, at the red carpet and after party!

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VIOLET GREY — As her hair-and-makeup team attend to her at VIOLET GREY Melrose Place, actress Zoey Deutch is contemplating her busy year. Tonight she’s attending GQ’s Man of the Year dinner, a festive pit stop after 12 months of nonstop filming. “Between Why Him?, a studio comedy; Before I Fall, an indie drama in which I died a bunch; and Rebel in the Rye, which is a period piece taking place in the ’30s—I play Oona O’Neill, Eugene O’Neill’s daughter—and then Flower, which is a dark, dark, dark comedy and I play a girl with borderline personality disorder,” she pauses to catch her breath, “I feel so lucky that I’ve had these great, distinctly different parts.”

Most pressing of the films is Why Him?, in which she stars alongside James Franco and Bryan Cranston as the daughter who brings home the boyfriend from hell (Franco) for Christmas. “I’m really excited about Why Him?, which is coming out on Christmas Day. It’s super funny and my first Christmas film,” she laughs. “I had the opportunity to work with Bryan Cranston—I love him, I always have, and if you don’t, your feelings are wrong.” The serial wisecracker cackles. “I fear talking about him in case I sound like an obsessed fan, but he’s truly generous and thoughtful. As a young actor, it was such a gift to work with him.”

Given her robust schedule, Deutch likes to keep her beauty regimen minimal, hewing toward drugstore brands like Cetaphil or, she confesses, Costco shampoo. But she admits to investing in high-wattage products she knows work for her skin. “I love the IS Clinical serum; it’s really strong but fantastic,” she says. She also notes, “I want to get SCBI stem cell masks,” the organic, vegan products that use the innovative technology. “They’re so nice, they work, and they’re fantastic.”

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Hello Zoey fans! So sorry for the delay but life got busier and i only got the time to update the site today. Zoey is on the upcoming January issue of Allure, looking gorgeous as always. We’ve added to the gallery magazine scans from the issue, along with one outtake. Hopefully more outtakes will get released!

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Zoey was last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers to promote the movie Why Him? Episodic stills from the episode, along with photos of Zoey leaving her hotel to head to the talk show have been added to our gallery!

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