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Scans from Glamour USA (April Issue) have been added to the gallery

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Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talk to Zoey Deutch about her role as a misunderstood teenager in the upcoming film “Flower.”

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If most teen movies are concerned with a loss of innocence, then Max Winkler’s new film Flower, out this week and starring Zoey Deutch, is not your typical teen movie. In Flower, the 23-year-old Deutch plays Erica Vandross, a seventeen-year-old whose sexual confidence far outstrips her certainty in other parts of life. Her modus operandi is to offer blow jobs to men she can extort for money, saving up so that she can bail her father out of jail. The film starts with her giving one of these blow jobs to a policeman (“Where’d you learn to give head like that?” he gasps. “Middle school,” she says impassively) and ends with a visit to prison. In between, there’s a crusade to bring down a male teacher that her stepbrother Luke, played by Joey Morgan, has accused of molestation as well as a Thelma and Louise-esque escape attempt, with Luke and Erica speeding across a Joshua tree-punctuated landscape in a stolen Saab convertible and dressed in clothes seemingly inspired by Floridian retirees—Erica in particular has a penchant for flamingo-colored sunglasses and palm-tree prints. The showdown, when it comes, is emotional, not physical, and involves a seemingly innocuous moment that causes Erica to break down in Luke’s arms.

“I think that ultimately most movies portray vulnerability as a loss of innocence, but by the end of this movie, it’s the opposite direction,” says Deutch, who in real life speaks with the same breakneck cadence as her character. Though the plot is driven largely by some decisions of dubious morality on Erica’s part, the audience feels at least empathetic, if not quite sympathetic, toward her—a fact that speaks volumes about Deutch’s ability to tap into the subtleties of being human and, more specifically, a teenager who’s desperately trying to cover her fear of abandonment. “You have to believe that beyond all of Erica’s bravado there’s this fragile girl,” points out Deutch. “A movie like Flower is about the regaining of innocence and about the learning process of allowing yourself to be vulnerable.”

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Zoey attended the 2018 Film Independent Spirit Awards yesterday and i have added 65 HQ pictures to the gallery. More soon!

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Zoey Deutch has joined Suzy Amis Cameron’s Red Carpet Green Dress (RCGD) 2018 Oscars campaign. Deutch who stars in the upcoming film, FLOWER, will be wearing an eco-conscious gown designed by an established global designer that will be revealed at the 90th Academy Awards ® on Sunday in Los Angeles. Deutch along with Lakeith Stanfield (Get Out, Atlanta, Sorry To Bother You, The Girl In The Spider’s Web)) will both represent RCGD at the biggest awards ceremony in Hollywood.

RCGD was founded by actress, environmental advocate, educator and wife of director James Cameron, Suzy Amis Cameron back in 2009, and has worked with internationally acclaimed designers to dress stars in ethical formal wear and jewelry for the Academy Awards®. Deutch and Stanfield are among a wide variety of celebrities who have partnered with the sustainable campaign including Emma Roberts (American Horror Story, Scream Queens), Sophie Turner (X-Men, Game of Thrones), Naomie Harris (Moonlight), Gina Rodriguez (Annihilation, Jane the Virgin), Kellan Lutz (Twilight), Jake McDorman (American Sniper) and Missi Pyle (Gone Girl).

A vibrant, diversely talented and charming actress, Zoey Deutch last starred in Ry Russo-Young’s BEFORE I FALL, which premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival to rave reviews. This year she will star in a trio of films including Max Winkler’s FLOWER starring opposite Kathryn Hahn and Adam Scott, which opens March 16. Additionally, she will star opposite her sister Madelyn Deutch in THE YEAR OF SPECTACULAR MEN, which is also written by Madelyn and directed by their mother Lea Thompson. MarVista will release the film in June. And finally, she stars opposite Glen Powell in the romantic comedy SET IT UP, which Netflix will release July 13. She recently wrapped production on RICHARD SAYS GOODBYE opposite Johnny Depp, which will debut late 2018. Recent credits include REBEL IN THE RYE opposite Nicholas Hoult, EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! from writer/director Richard Linklater, WHY HIM? opposite Bryan Cranston, and DIRTY GRANDPA opposite Robert De Niro and Zac Efron.

Partnering with RCGD this year is Absolut Elyx and Tesla. With partners such as these, along with annual contests, financial security can be provided to MUSE School CA. MUSE School CA is an environmental non-profit educational organization Amis Cameron founded in Calabasas, Calif. with her sister Rebecca Amis. This assistance enables students to access a transformative educational experience. MUSE School CA ensures smaller class sizes, personalized instruction and learning practices; all set within an inspiring and beautiful campus. Through these key elements, MUSE School CA paves the way in creating leaders of the future. For more information, go to www.museschool.org.

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