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We added outtakes from Seventeen magazine February 2014. Enjoy!

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Thanks to Nicole, we added scans of Zoey in the April issue of InStyle UK magazine, featuring the same photoshoot used in the February issue (US version).

Magazine Scans > 2014 > InStyle UK (April)

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Zoey is featured in the latest issue (#56) of Bello Mag with another beautiful photoshoot! Scans have been added to the gallery.

Magazine Scans > 2014 > Bello Mag (Issue #56)

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Zoey attends the Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood ‘Young Hollywood’ party sponsored by Fiat at No Vacancy on February 25, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
Edit: More photos have been added, thanks to Sammy.

Public Appearances > 2014 > Vanity Fair ‘Young Hollywood’ Party

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Added a picture of Zoey visiting the Sydney Zoo during a trip to Australia on February 23, 2014 in Sydney, Australia.

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We finally added scans of Zoey in the February issue of InStyle magazine. You can also find outtakes from the photoshoot. Enjoy!

Magazine Scans > 2014 > InStyle (February)
Studio Photoshoots > Outtakes & Sessions > 2014 > Session 004

Zoey and Lucy Fry promoting ‘Vampire Academy’ for a portrait session in Sydney on February 20, 2014.

Studio Photoshoots > Portraits & Press Conferences > 2014: ‘Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters’ Portraits #4

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We’ve added HQ/MQ photos of Zoey at the ‘Vampire Academy’ premiere at Event Cinemas George Street on February 20, 2014 in Sydney, Australia.

Public Appearances > 2014 > ‘Vampire Academy’ Sydney Premiere

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WHO WHAT WEAR – Actress Zoey Deutch may have gone to the dark side for her role in this month’s Vampire Academy, but for our shoot, she was playful and light, trying out bold prints, pops of color, and spring’s strong silhouette. The 19-year-old, who recently attended her first fashion week, talked to us about rocking shoulder pads (mom Lea Thompson starred in ‘80s film Back to the Future!), crying at The Notebook, and talent-crushing on Natalie Portman.

Describe your style in 3 words.
Elegant and classic juxtaposed with funky.??

What is your favorite piece of clothing?
Right now I’d say my favorite piece of clothing I own, and wear the most, would be a pair of bulky black boots from the ‘90s. They’re super flattering and work with almost anything.

How do you decide what to wear on a red carpet?
I don’t really have an exact process yet… Still in the works! For the most part I try to wear what I feel comfortable and good in. I loved this Stella McCartney white high waisted skirt and black loose-fitting top with patches.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention your mom’s ‘80s pedigree. Are there any ‘80s trends you’d bring back or be willing to try?
I could maybe rock shoulder pads at some point. Hey, the harem pant came back! ?

What movie always cheers you up?
Anchorman. ?

What movie always makes you cry?
The Notebook… How original?

?Is there an actor or actress you’d love to work with in the future?
?I have such a talent crush on Natalie Portman it’s not even funny. I think I’d spontaneously combust if I got to work with her.