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A lot of news for the fans of “VA: Blood Sisters” tonight. Here a new poster with Zoey and her co-star Lucy Fry.

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During the livechat, Zoey made some confessions:

– The girls met in the audition room of VA, and they seem to be really close friends now.
– They love the fandom surrounding the movie and the books.
– Good tip if you want to make Zoey Deutch blush? Ask her about kissing Danila!
– Zoey loves working out ever since she started playing Rose, but she hates pull-ups
– Zoey really loves the movie Vampire Academy because it teaches young girls to priorities your friends BEFORE your romantic relationships

Keep and eye on the website, more to come.

Here’s the full video of ET on the set of the movie Vampire Academy!

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Hey Guys! Zoey and her Vampire Academy co-star Lucy Fry are going to do a livechat in five minutes and they will answer fan questions. The full interview, some videos and pictures will be add later.

Live chat with Zoey and Lucy

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Zoey attended a press conference concluding a week-long visit to in the framework of ‘Americas Voices in Israel’ sponsored by Israels Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Tourism in Jerusalem, Israel on October 6, 2013.

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‘Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters’ will have a panel at the New York Comic Con on October 11, 2013! For more information, you can visit this website.

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Zoey was stunning at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party on September 27, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Many thanks to Helen.

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Zoey attends ESCADA and W Magazine’s Celebration of Cool Earth at Escada Boutique on September 26, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California.
Edit: More HQ have been added, thanks to my friend Helen for some of them!

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