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Hello Zoey fans! We want to start off this post by apologizing for being down for so long. Our site went through a nasty cyber attack and it took us longer than we expected to have it all okay and running once more. I want to thank our host, Fan Village, for helping us with this issue. Now, onto site updates! This week was a very special week for Zoey, who was honored with a Face of the Future Award! As a fan of Zoey’s no words can describe how happy and proud i am of Zoey for winning this award. A very deserved one.

On June 12, Zoey attended a Max Mara and Vanity Fair celebration of the Face of the Future Award before attending the Crystal + Lucy Awards the following day, where she received the award. Photos from the events have been added to our gallery, and you will also find an interview bellow! Thank you to my friend Gabby, from dan-stevens.net, for helping us with some photos!

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THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER — Riding a Wonder Woman high, the Women in Film cocktail party celebrating Face of the Future Zoey Deutch on Tuesday night at the Chateau Marmont was an upbeat affair.

“If I had a superhero movie like that when I was a kid, I would have walked down the street and thought, ‘I can do anything!,’” said Deutch, 22, dressed in a red velvet bra top and pantsuit by Max Mara, sponsor of the party as well as the night’s annual Women in Film gala.

Director Patty Jenkins is undoubtedly Hollywood’s new superhero, having scored the best box-office opening weekend by a female helmer ever. But Deutch is no slouch, either.

“To be honored by Women in Film is really special, because I come from a family of women in film,” she said, noting that her mother Lea Thompson is an actor and director, and her sister Madelyn is a writer and actor.

Thompson, who also was at the party, directed her two daughters in the upcoming The Year of Spectacular Men, which is set to premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Deutch also appears in this fall’s Rebel in the Rye and the upcoming Flower, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and she currently is shooting Set It Up in New York.

Deutch is also becoming a bit of a fashion plate (the bra top, she admits, was a daring choice). “My style is dependent on my mood. I don’t want to just feel beautiful, I want to feel powerful and ready,” said the actress. “[Fashion] can make you walk differently, talk differently, hold your head differently, and that can be a real gift. That’s what I seek out when I’m trying to find an outfit for an event like this, which feels like my second bat mitzvah,” she said, popping up from a couch to greet friends.

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Zoey was photographed yesterday out in SoHo, New York and i’ve added photos to the gallery!

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002.jpgTORY BURCH — We can’t get enough of Zoey Deutch around these parts. Tory Daily last spoke to the actress at the Met Gala (read the interview here) and, now, she’s opening up about a more pressing matter at hand: summer plans. Wearing Tory’s Stephanie tunic, she talks to us about her warm-weather getaways, beach reads and bohemian icons.

I love a great tunic because…
It’s both comfortable and chic (plus I can eat whatever I want in it and not worry). What more could a girl ask for?

My tip to styling a tunic…
I easily ruin fine jewelry when I’m not at a beach or in the ocean, so that trend of pairing delicate pieces with tunics is definitely lost on me. So instead of fine/thin bracelets or necklaces, I like a few big chunky vintage turquoise rings that I got at estate sales. Especially when it’s a high quality tunic, I like to add something different to it — mix high with low.

And my tip to make a splash with your summer style…
I am loving big (but thin) silver hoops right now. When I’m feeling lazy or don’t know how to make a boring look work, it helps tie things together and make it more fun. P.S. Also, important to note, I’m obsessed with JLO and she’s been wearing them for ages, so they must be cool. Right?

My summer getaway…
The beach on the East Coast. I’ve been going to the same spot every summer of my life since I was born, and have known all of my friends there since we were little kids. It’s so special and I cherish that experience and oasis so much. There are no cars, only bikes, boardwalks not roads, and no one wears shoes.

And what I love to do there…
We eat, swim, sleep, repeat (and maybe add some wine in there). There are few things I love more or that make me happier than swimming in the ocean.

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Zoey is one of The Edit’s Hollywood Heroines of 2017, along with Patty Jenkins, Kimberly Steward, Sofia Boutella, and Sasha Lane. The issue came out today and we’ve added to our gallery outtakes and digital scans from the issue! You can watch an interview published by the magazine bellow, along with Zoey’s magazine interview transcript!

001.jpg 004.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg

I did. My sister Madelyn wrote The Year of Spectacular Men and starred in it, I co-star, my mom directed, my dad produced. It was about as personal as you can get.

There’s a real opportunity to make change in the world through Hollywood. But it’s a mixture of art and commerce, and it’s confusing when you’re telling artists to be business people and you’re telling business people to be artists. I want to always be an artist first.

Yes, but I fear trend – trends go away. This needs to be our reality. Look at the past; look at Katharine Hepburn in Bringing up Baby and Stage Door. They’re great stories, written for women, that are strong, funny and complex – and we’re talking about it like it’s the first time in history. It can’t just be a moment in time.

My mother told me that being jealous of other actors is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. You might have insecure moments, but being jealous of others is pointless.

I got a text from Robert De Niro: ‘How’s it going Zo, can’t wait to see you at Tribeca [Film Festival].’ I literally dropped my phone.

That what other people think about me is none of my business.

I don’t want to be considered [just] a comedic actor, or a dramatic actor… I’d like to do it all.

Rebel in the Rye is out this fall; The Year of Spectacular Men is out Nov

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Wonderland has revealed that Zoey Deutch is one of the many stars to be featured in their Summer 2017 issue, and we’ve added to our gallery two outtakes from the photoshoot! Hopefully more will be released very soon.


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Zoey Deutch, along with Kenya Kinski-Jones, Annie McGinty and Nikia Phoenix were chosen to model Tory Burch’s 2017 Summer tunics and to get us all excited for these beautiful tunics, InStyle decided on giving you a sneak peek! You can find two promotional outtakes in our gallery, and read a small article on it bellow!

001.jpg 002.jpg 001.jpg 002.jpg

INSTYLE — The start of summer may yet be a month away, but Memorial Day brings daydreams of weekends away at the beach and sundowner cocktails. For Tory Burch, that means only one thing: tunics!

“The tunic was one of our first designs and still remains a part of every collection,” Burch says. “It is one of our signatures.”

While the original was inspired by a flea market find from Paris, today’s tunics offer more variety—at least in terms of how and why to wear them. Burch teamed up with Shine by Three creative director Margaret Zhang to create a photo series demonstrating their appeal, as modeled by a group of rising stars: Zoey Deutch, Kenya Kinski-Jones, Annie McGinty and Nikia Phoenix. Ahead of their reveal on social media on May 31, we took a behind-the-scenes preview of Zhang’s work and a few thoughts from the stars of the shoot that took place at the Harry Gesner House in Malibu.

“The idea was to bring together a cross-section of women from different backgrounds, skill sets, and industries, but who are together a great representation of the young Los Angeles woman,” says Zhang. “These are women who could hold a meaningful conversation about their areas of passion—something I love to do with a subject to understand their character and make them as comfortable as possible in front of a camera.”

All while wearing a tunic!


My tip to styling/accessorizing a tunic…
I easily ruin fine jewelry when I’m at a beach or in the ocean, so that trend of pairing delicate pieces with tunics is definitely lost on me. So instead of fine/thin bracelets or necklaces, I like a few big chunky vintage turquoise rings that I got at estate sales. Especially when it’s a high quality tunic, I like to add something different to it—mix high with low.

My summer playlist includes…
Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN.

My bohemian icon and why…
Kate Moss is the queen of melding bohemian with glamour and effortlessness.

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Hey Zoey fans! I’ve added to the gallery photos of Zoey on the set of Set It Up, today in New York City!

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Earlier today, Zoey was photographed on the set of Set It Up, only this time it appears that the cast is shooting in New York City and not SoHo. Photos have been added to our gallery!

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