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Hello Zoey fans! As you know, Zoey attended last night ‘Rei Kawakubo/Comme Des Garcons: Art Of The In-Between’ Costume Institute Gala and she looked absolutely beautiful in a costum Tory Burch gown. Photos of Zoey leaving the hotel and attending the gala and after party have been added to our gallery. Thank you to my friend Maria for some of the photos!

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Zoey is featured on the May issue of Vanity Fair Spain and you can check out the scans bellow!

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W — Seven seconds into our conversation, Zoey Deutch was apologizing. Last week, a full 24 hours before we are scheduled to talk, someone from her management team had asked to push back our interview by 30 minutes—nanoseconds in celebrity time, not to mention a full day’s notice. But Deutch, a very busy actress with a very busy schedule, was genuinely apologetic at the mere idea of inconveniencing me, a civilian reporter.

It was a minor exchange that spoke volumes about Deutch. Attentive and charming, the 22-year-old speaks at a pace that would make Lorelai Gilmore’s head spin, peppering the conversation with questions that made me feel as if I were catching up with an old childhood friend.

The daughter of actress Lea Thompson and director Howard Deutch (Pretty In Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful), Deutch quickly made a name for herself in the business with roles in Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some!!, Before I Fall, and last year’s Why Him? This week, she debuted her latest film, Flower, at the Tribeca Film Festival, which became the first film of the festival to be bought by a major studio, when Orchard acquired the rights just days after the premiere.

In the film, Deutch plays 17-year old Erica Vandross, a free spirit with some unconventional extracurricular activities (read: using her sexuality to extort older men), or as Deutch described her character, “it’s about a young woman who is looking for love in all the wrong places.” It’s a truly tour de force performance by the young actress, particularly in scenes with co-star Kathryn Hahn, who plays Erica’s mother.

“Her relationship with her mother is extremely complex like all relationships with mothers are,” said Deutch. “It’s filled with a lot of love and a lot of need for closeness and distance and separation and confusion. It’s a boundary-less relationship. It was a fun movie to get to explore the psychology of the mother-daughter relationship… There’s a book called Reviving Ophelia which I read for this, and it talks a lot about the thinking style of young children where we have a hard time growing up enough to see our mothers as real people, and I think that’s a lot of what my character is dealing with.”

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DEADLINE — The Orchard has snapped up all North American rights to Max Winkler’s dark comedy Flower which had its world premiere Thursday at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The deal came together quickly, marking the first for this year’s fest, with buyers clamoring immediately following the film’s premiere.

Flower follows 17-year old Erica Vandross (Zoey Deutch) and her two friends as they spend their free time making money in unconventional ways, acting as self appointed, free-wheeling vigilantes of the San Fernando Valley. Everything changes for Erica when her mother (Kathryn Hahn) invites her boyfriend (Tim Heidecker) and his estranged son (Joey Morgan) to move in with them. Adam Scott also stars as an older man who catches Erica’s eye.

Winkler, the son of Happy Days star Henry Winkler, is a seasoned helmer of TV and film with credits that include Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The New Girl. His feature directorial debut Ceremony starring Uma Thurman, Jake Johnson and Michael Angarano premiered at the 2010 Toronto Film Festival and Magnolia distributed. Winkler is currently writing the upcoming Rocketeer reboot at Disney.

The 2012 Blacklist script for Flower was written by Alex McAulay (it was located on the list next to Whiplash and Hell or High Water), and was optioned by Danny McBride, Jody Hill, and David Gordon Green’s production company Rough House Pictures. The trio who serve as EPs along with Andrew Levitas sent it to Winkler. Matt Spicer and Winkler are also credited in writing. Producers are Spicer, Eric B. Fleischman, Brandon James, and Sean Tabibian.

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Hello Zoey fans! As you know, Zoey is one of Marie Claire’s Fresh Faces and last night the publication threw a celebration event for the ladies. She had the support of her mother, Lea Thompson, who attended the event as well and it’s fair to say that we just love the mother-daughter duo. Photos from the event and the photobooth have been added to our gallery, enjoy!

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Zoey was yesterday at Tribeca Film Festival for the screening of Flower and while promoting the movie, she stopped by the studio set up at the festival for a couple of portraits! Check them out bellow.

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HOLLYWOOD LIFE — Zoey Deutch, 22, is hitting the big screen in a major way with her new indie drama, Flower, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday, April 20, in New York City. HollywoodLife.com spoke to the young actress on the red carpet, and she EXCLUSIVELY shared how important the role was to her and how much she enjoyed the experience.

“For me as an actor, trying different stuff and experimenting, to me I don’t think about it like that,” Zoey told us, referring to the edgy, dark role of Erica she plays in the film. “But I guess that is how it’s being perceived. That is important, to always be cognizant of perception versus reality and how things are being viewed. It was an extremely challenging and wonderful experience, mostly because Max [Winkler] is just such a great guy and such a wonderful director. I love him dearly.”

As for Max, the director, he couldn’t stop gushing over Zoey’s performance. “She was amazing. She liked the script and we talked a lot about the character and all of the sort of quirks and idiosyncrasies that character had and she related to a lot of it,” he shared. “We really just let her go and let her be free, and feel totally in control of her character. I love her performance in this so much.”

Max also shared that the actors were given the chance to improv, allowing them the “freedom” to embrace and embody their characters. “We worked really hard on the script and at that point I wanted all the girls to feel totally in control of all their dialogue and what they wore. There was a lot of improvisation and a lot of freedom and we didn’t shoot it in sort of a conventional way where everyone had to hit certain marks,” he explained. Oh, and believe it or not, Max, Zoey and the cast filmed the movie in just 16 days! Crazy, right?

Here’s the full description of Flower from Tribeca’s lineup: Seventeen-year-old Erica Vandross isn’t like most teenage girls. When school’s out, for example, she and her two best friends seduce older men in order to extort money from them—you know, typical extracurricular activities. Much of Erica’s rebellious attitude stems from the abandonment of her biological father, who’s in jail and has left her similarly free-spirited mother (Kathryn Hahn) to raise Erica alone. Everything changes, however, when mom invites her new beau (Tim Heidecker) and his overweight and fresh-out-of-rehab son (Joey Morgan) to move in with them, giving Erica an unexpected connection to the “hot older guy” (Adam Scott) she and her friends obsess over at the local bowling alley.

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DEADLINE — Max Winkler has mastered both sides of TV and film as director of such comedy series as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl as well as indie films like 2010 Ceremony starring Uma Thurman and Michael Angarano. He comes to the Tribeca Film Festival this year with Flower, a sexually charged teenage comedy that not only is a nod to Paul Brickman’s earlier work, but also turns the 1980s teenage dramedy genre inside out.

Zoey Deutch plays Erica, a 17-year-old who performs sexual favors for older men, and extorts money from them. Her life is shaken up when her free-spirited mother (Kathryn Hahn) invites her boyfriend (Tim Heidecker) and his anxiety-ridden son Luke (Joey Morgan) to move in with them. However, Erica and Luke may just be the best thing to happen to each other. All the while, Erica is fixated on a hot older man at the bowling ally played by the sublime master of deadpan, Adam Scott.

The script came Winkler’s way via Danny McBride, Jody Hill and David Gordon Green’s production company, guys who’ve mined the black comedy out of upside-down suburbanites in HBO’s Vice Principals and Eastbound & Down and features like The Fist Foot Way and Observe And Report. Flower certainly folds into that world.

While mounting an indie edgy teenage comedy comes with its challenges, and there were some starts and stops for Flower, Winkler says “I had an emotional connection” to the material. “I’d never seen a female character do all these things.”

“It felt like a weird 1980s VHS that my older brother gave me disguised in another VHS box. I was excited because all of these movies I loved had male leads like Tom Cruise in Risky Business or Patrick Dempsey in Loverboy,” says the son of Happy Days actor Henry Winkler. Here, Winkler and Deutch expound on the making of Flower and exactly what makes Erica tick. Upcoming showtimes for Flower at Tribeca can be found here. CAA is handling domestic and foreign sales.

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Zoey is currently at Tribeca Film Festival for the screening of Flower and we have added the first photos from the red carpet to our gallery, which you can check out by clicking on the link bellow! Make sure to follow us on twitter @zdeutchcom as we’ll be keeping you updated with gallery additions!

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