‘Mayor Cupcake’ Screen Captures, DVD Menus and Posters

Since we’ve merged with Zoey Deutch Fan, we’ve added screen captures, posters and DVD menus from her movie Mayor Cupcake. Don’t forget, if you use them, credit us!

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‘Ringer’ Screen Captures

Hey guys! Thanks to the recent merging with Zoey Deutch Fan, we were able to add screen captures of Zoey in Ringer, as Juliet Martin. Feel free to use them if you want but credit us if you repost!

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Richelle Mead talks about Zoey as Rose

What about Zoey Deutch makes her the perfect Rose?
I think she’s got the spirit and the personality of Rose. I mean, obviously, the thing with actors is they take on roles. They’re not exactly like the characters they play in real life. But at the same time, there’s an energy about Zoey, the actress, that resonates with the character. Mark Waters was talking about when she auditioned, when she walked in, people were like, “Oh my god, that’s her.” She carries it. I love following her on Twitter. There’s a spirit of adventure in her. There are these pictures she tweeted, she and Cameron Monaghan [who plays Mason] got stuck on the Tube. They started doing back-flips off the side because they were bored, and they were stuck in there, and it was really funny, and it was cute, the pictures they tweeted there. It’s that fun and that energy that just comes through as Rose… [And] she just threw herself into [the training]. It’s a very physical role. She was with a trainer full days, multiple times a week just driving her body, making sure she was in the best shape she could be to carry out Rose. I think that’s what really defines the character. She looks like the part, to me, as well, but it’s so much more than having a facial resemblance to the character. You’ve got to be able to portray them. That’s what everyone was looking at when they cast her, and I think they did it beautifully.


Richelle Mead talks ‘Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters’

Question: I was wondering if a person or an actor inspired the character of Dimitri? Or if you know any hot Russians personally?
Richelle: I’m afraid Dimitri came straight outta my brain. People have asked this and I have contemplated that maybe I should have mentioned it a long time ago, come up with a story to stick to and tell people. I can make up this great thing about maybe my car broke down and a hot Russian came and helped me fix my tire. I basically built a lot of mystique around the character. But I’m afraid the truth is he was born straight from me.

Question: From the actors that you have met playing the characters, which ones match imagination of the character the best?
Richelle: I haven’t met any of the cast yet. They all are just spot-on. I am so thrilled with the way that they did this casting. Everyone was just, I feel, very hand-picked. The director was so conscientious about matching the characters personality with them. I think the one that most … Gosh, it’s really hard to pick anyone I would say is the most. I mean Zoey [Deutch] has that vibrancy and energy that Rose has. Danila [Kozlovsky]’s got that stoic Dmitri thing going down. Maybe it’s because he’s a little older than the rest of the cast, which is exactly how it should be for the books. I think the one that kind of just really knocked me out was when I saw Cameron Monaghan cast as Mason. He is just such a dead ringer for the Mason in my head which is bittersweet for those who know Mason and the rest of the series. I look and I just think Aw, Cameron. But yeah, they all are just, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the way it panned out.
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